Sunday, October 18, 2009

Live to Eat!

So many friends keep coming to me for advice on food, eating joints for various occasions and budgets... and to generally dig into my information database on restaurants, thanks to my passion for good food and the penchant to experiment with food.

After each information download session, I'd invariably be asked to start writing a blog on restaurant and food review and share my experiences with the world. Though I was always keen to do this myself, the scarcity of time (ah! the same old excuse everyone throws at everyone, but still the most effective one) kept me away for long. Even though I started blogging a while ago ( I was hardly able to post one article in 2-3 months.

But nothing can keep me away from talking about food (the second best thing in the world after sex of course) for long :) Food invariably touches everyone's life in some way or the other... even those who claim that eating is just a basic necessity and should be restricted to just that (दिल को खुश रखने को गालिब ये ख्याल अछा है). Everyone has their own special moments in life, some include family, some include friends, or maybe a special someone... but none are sans good food.

So here I am, starting what was long due... Hopefully, I'll be able to do better justice to this blog and write more often.


  1. Hoping some bangalore restaurants in the first few posts...

  2. Where the hell are the posts?